34 Days with the iPhone

By: Pedro Gomez, Interactive Producer

I have been using the iPhone now for about a month – 34 days to be exact. I was one of “those” that got in line at 3 A.M., but I did avoid all the activation issues that ensued later that day. I have always had the generic phone even though in my line of work, I need to always be online.

Z_1.34 Days with the iPhone

Before I switched over to AT&T, I was with Sprint for seven years. I was satisfied with Sprint - never had any problems and tried to stay with them even longer. They have their new toy out from Samsung called Instinct. I had the phone for about a week before the honeymoon was over. The phone functioned well, but it had the most aggravating web browser. I could not view some very basic sites because of its lack of full support for JavaScript. The web browser was the deal breaker and since the new iPhone was coming out soon, I left Sprint for AT&T to get the tried and true, iPhone.

Z_2.34 Days with the iPhone

The iPhone truly is a great phone. I don’t think there is any arguing there. Sure I have minor issues with it, but it is a very fun device to own and has increased my productivity.

There have been some people that have regretted the upgrades, but I don’t share their same thoughts. . .