Paying it Forward…in Cups of Coffee

Here at Push, we like coffee. We really like free coffee. And we love free coffee that involves a mobile app, a social experiment and a little bit of human kindness.

Mobile app consultant Jonathan Stark from Providence, Rhode Island came up with a simple, yet groundbreaking, idea to test the concept of karma. He posted his Starbucks mobile application code on the Internet and invited everyone to get a free cup of coffee — on him. Or better yet, give a friend or a complete stranger a free cup of coffee. Stark nonchalantly throws out the idea of the general public adding money to the card as well, similar to the “take a penny, leave a penny” mindset.

The social experiment didn’t take long to catch people’s attention. “Jonathan’s card,” that began with a $30 balance, will skyrocket to more than $100 and drop all the way to zero in a matter of minutes. A live updated balance of Jonathan’s card can be tracked via Twitter (@jonathanscard) and Facebook, so java lovers know how much is available for spending before using the card.

This test of human generosity has had pretty impressive results, with the card rarely staying at zero for more than a few minutes.

For further info on how to get a free cup of coffee on Jonathan, click here.