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Woman in education branding with hand-drawn graduation cap art.

Using Former Students to Accentuate Your Branding

Alumni can be powerful brand ambassadors for your college or university, and are a direct extension of your institution’s values and voice in the community. But are you utilizing them enough to accentuate your education branding? A recent report from Alumni Access found that 85% of alumni in a professional field believe that universities and...

Restaurant Rating concept with pen and table setting.

How to Craft an Identity for Your Restaurant

With more than 1 million restaurant locations in the United States in 2021, restaurant branding is now more critical than ever. Not only does having a strong brand identity help restaurants stand out in an extremely crowded market, but it also helps current and potential customers make deeper emotional connections with restaurants. This can translate...

Students wearing protective face masks while sitting in a lecture hall

5 Post-COVID Branding Trends For Universities

Discover what universities are doing to bring students back to the classroom.  The impact of COVID-19 can be felt on virtually every industry, with higher education being no exception. According to recent data, undergraduate enrollment is currently in its steepest decline so far since the pandemic began, down 5.9% compared to this time last year....

African American woman scrolling through social media while in her work from home office

Six Ways to Succeed with Community Management

Even though social media algorithms are constantly changing, the overall purpose of social has remained the same—to make connections and share your authentic self, as a person or as a brand. Planning, creating and sharing content is a large piece of social media development, but community management is just as important. It helps to foster...

Bearded caucasian male pointing up to a graphic logo of the letter P

5 Photoshop Tips for Beginners to 
Not Look So…Beginnerish

By Jim Brothers, Studio Manager, Push. Have you been playing around getting comfortable in Photoshop and you’re ready to up your game? Maybe even make some cheddar on the side doing freelance graphic design? Forget Fiverr—here are five things to know in Adobe Photoshop CC that will set you apart from the amateurs. Set up...

Two people looking at a design sketch with pencils with laptops on the desl

4 Ways Great Design Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Despite the obvious benefits of great design, consistently realizing this goal is getting harder and harder for companies to achieve. But it’s essential for both disruptive and sustained success in physical, service and digital channels. And as an extensive five-year McKinsey study has unveiled, companies with strong design outperformed industry-benchmark growth two to one. How?...

Caucasian woman buying produce from a man

The Power of Charity Partnerships

In any year, the holidays are a time to give back, but this year, it feels more important than ever as food insecurity has risen across the country. And despite the struggles they’ve faced as an industry, restaurants are once again showing their generosity and deep ties to their communities to help others in need...


SIGNS OF THE TIMES? How to Help Diners Feel Safe with Signage

Despite all the challenges associated with reopening your restaurant’s dining room, there’s a reason to make the effort: people miss dining out. According to a QSR Magazine survey, 70% of respondents say that dining out would help them feel normal again. We’ve covered ways to bring customers back to the dining room, but another crucial...

Good and Bad TOGO Food Practices


As restaurants adapt to serving through the COVID-19 pandemic, the in-restaurant experience has been rapidly replaced with pickup, drive thru and delivery. So how customers experience what comes in the bag is more important than ever. We’re talking to-go packaging best practices. From transparency to personal touches, here are eleven criteria to consider for modifying,...