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Caucasian woman wearing a mask and holding the door of her store open ready to welcome visitors back once again.

Is 100% Capacity Right for Your Restaurant?

As states begin to loosen COVID-19 restrictions, some restaurants are cautiously considering the same move. In Florida, which allowed restaurants to return to total capacity in September 2020, several chain owners reported a bump in sales. However, according to OpenTable, statewide restaurant reservations remain 20% lower than last year. So while local restrictions ease, the...

Caucasian man video blogging his reviews of a restaurants newest drink and menu item

Four Marketing Strategies for Success in 2021

Innovation and evolution have always been part of a restaurant’s recipe for success, and this past year has proven that more than ever. We’ve looked closely at the operational trends that emerged during the pandemic in the past. But to stay relevant, we have to consider new ways of communicating to customers that address the...

A young Asian-American woman wearing a mask flips the sing on her store to display that it is open

Four Restaurants Trends Here to Stay

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost been a full year since the beginning of the pandemic. Restaurants, of course, were one of the industries that had to make major adjustments to survive this uncertain time. While COVID-19 was the catalyst for those changes, many new behaviors or customer expectations appear here to stay. We’ll...

Two people looking at a design sketch with pencils with laptops on the desl

4 Ways Great Design Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Despite the obvious benefits of great design, consistently realizing this goal is getting harder and harder for companies to achieve. But it’s essential for both disruptive and sustained success in physical, service, and digital channels. And as an extensive five-year McKinsey study has unveiled, companies with strong design outperformed industry-benchmark growth two to one. How?...

A spread of different fruits, vegetables, meats, spices, nuts and grains

Wholesome Foods Take Center Stage

With a commitment to New Year’s resolutions underway and COVID-19 still top of mind, being and staying healthy is more of a priority than ever. Consumers are looking for fresh, healthy food options, especially when ordering in or dining out. In fact, local-food company Forager reports that 91% of consumers say it’s important or very...

Fans cheering for their football team and eating pizza

A Winning Super Bowl Strategy

The Super Bowl is here again, and even in a year quite different than others, it’s still sure to be a major event, with fans at home looking forward to an exciting game, memorable ads and, of course, delicious food. Restaurants are no strangers to getting in on the fun of game day, from offering...

Person ordering food on smart phone

Delivery Apps: Friend or Foe?

As customer habits and restaurant operations have both made dramatic shifts this past year, delivery has been at the center of the conversation, with third-party delivery services not far behind. They’ve allowed restaurants to continue to reach large audiences, but they’ve also cut into sales with their steep commission fees. With customers still leaning heavily...

drive thru sign

Drive-Thru & the Road to Recovery

Seven months into the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing and safety precautions are still top-of-mind for many restaurant guests. As a result, drive-thrus have proven to be a big advantage for those brands and restaurants that offer them. While installing a drive-thru might not be feasible for your restaurant, there are still lessons to learn from...