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Barista handing coffee over to customer

5 Coffee Shop Marketing Trends for 2024

A morning cup of coffee was once the norm for the average American. But now, the norm is three, maybe even four cups of coffee to get the day started. As the coffee industry continues to grow in 2023, consumers demand a higher level of convenience and quality when choosing their preferred drink. Coffee shops...

Woman freelancer relaxing in swimming pool

Tourism Marketing Predictions for 2023-2024

It’s 2023 and travel is finally taking off again. Today, digital travel sales have bounced back to pre-pandemic levels. They’re even expected to hit $833 billion in 2025. Besides the obvious reasons travel sales have gained their turbo-charged momentum, market shifts, tech advancements and changing attitudes can take some credit for moving the needle far,...

Metaverse in higher education

The Future of Education Marketing in the Metaverse

As you know by now, the idea of the metaverse has started to gain more and more popularity as many leading companies and brands are starting to shift their attention to the newest frontier, Web 3.0. This next evolution of the internet sees online experiences evolving, creating communities where users can immerse themselves within a...

A spread of different fruits, vegetables, meats, spices, nuts and grains

Wholesome Foods Take Center Stage

With a commitment to New Year’s resolutions underway and COVID-19 still top of mind, being and staying healthy is more of a priority than ever. Consumers are looking for fresh, healthy food options, especially when ordering in or dining out. In fact, local-food company Forager reports that 91% of consumers say it’s important or very...



According to Dataessential research, 47% of diners are willing to dine-in at a restaurant with outdoor or patio seating. So if you’re considering maximizing your restaurant’s capacity by expanding outdoors, now may be a good time to think about the logistics of your setup, safety measures and curb appeal.  START WITH THE BASICS  By expanding...