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College students with one degree making a marketing plan

How To Plan a Marketing Campaign for a Single Degree Program at a University

Most universities offer an impressive array of services, programs and resources for students. And while that’s a great benefit to students, sometimes the messaging can feel too broad, unfocused or even overwhelming. That’s why honing in on a single degree program that your university excels in can be a successful marketing strategy. Here are several...

College students walking on campus

3 Ways Small Universities Can Grow in 2022

Small universities provide students with a great environment to foster lifelong relationships, broaden their worldview, hone their craft and prepare them for the next step in their lives. But over the past few years, it’s been harder for these institutions to provide this experience for their students due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Like everyone else,...


Using SMS Marketing to Get Return Customers to a Retail Shop

Despite recent events sky rocketing the success of retail SMS marketing, text strategy has steadily grown in the last decade. From time pressing promos to lapsing coupons, retail SMS marketing campaigns have proven to be a more effective marketing channel than email campaigns. You’re able to send short, to-the-point, high priority messages straight to the...


5 Lessons From Successful University Marketing Campaigns

Colleges and universities looking to stay relevant with today’s potential students are presented with a unique challenge to create and share content that entertains and inspires. And, as new student enrollment continues to decline  year over year it’s becoming increasingly important to implement marketing strategies that have a proven track record. So, here are 5...

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