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College students with one degree making a marketing plan

How To Plan a Marketing Campaign for a Single Degree Program at a University

Most universities offer an impressive array of services, programs and resources for students. And while that’s a great benefit to students, sometimes the messaging can feel too broad, unfocused or even overwhelming. That’s why honing in on a single degree program that your university excels in can be a successful marketing strategy. Here are several...

Metaverse in higher education

The Future of Education Marketing in the Metaverse

As you know by now, the idea of the metaverse has started to gain more and more popularity as many leading companies and brands are starting to shift their attention to the newest frontier, Web 3.0. This next evolution of the internet sees online experiences evolving, creating communities where users can immerse themselves within a...

Restaurant Branding and Volunteering

How Restaurants Can Use Cause Marketing to Enhance Branding

Restaurant owners and marketers know more than anyone how important it is to form a strong relationship with customers. Creating shared values promotes brand loyalty and increases word of mouth. Cause marketing is one way restaurants can connect with their customers. As a branding strategy, cause marketing is on the rise and is becoming significantly...

African American woman scrolling through social media while in her work from home office

Six Ways to Succeed with Community Management

Even though social media algorithms are constantly changing, the overall purpose of social has remained the same—to make connections and share your authentic self, as a person or as a brand. Planning, creating and sharing content is a large piece of social media development, but community management is just as important. It helps to foster...

Caucasian man video blogging his reviews of a restaurants newest drink and menu item

Four Marketing Strategies for Success in 2021

Innovation and evolution have always been part of a restaurant’s recipe for success, and this past year has proven that more than ever. We’ve looked closely at the operational trends that emerged during the pandemic in the past. But to stay relevant, we have to consider new ways of communicating to customers that address the...

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