Let Me Take A Bite, But First Let Me Take A Selfie.

How Social Media is Changing Restaurant Marketing.

Social media has changed the way restaurants engage with their customers. If taking a food selfie isn’t the first thing diners do when they receive their meal, then consider that a missed advertising opportunity. Forget the saying “Don’t eat with your eyes,” because that is exactly what restaurant owners want customers to do. Why?

  • 60% of diners rely on consumer-generated content before making a dining decision. (National Restaurant Association 2016)
  • 50% of diners learn about food through social media networks. (ChowNow, The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Restaurants, 2018)
  • 71% of consumers will make a purchase after a positive experience with a brand on social media. (The Q1 2017 Sprout Social Index)

And now, any customer with a smartphone (that’s an estimated 237.6 million people in the US) represent free advertising for your restaurant. There are a number of restaurants that understand this.

Think Turkish chef, Nusret Gökçe, aka Salt Bae, who had the number one viral video of 2017, which was turned into thousands of memes that are still popping up on social media newsfeeds and timelines today.

Front-of-house restaurant owners are looking at the design of their restaurants for perfect social media backgrounds, everything is changing from tabletops to wall decor and lighting. In the kitchen, chefs are reevaluating their menus to ensure food looks good enough for Instagram. All in an effort to help customers take the perfect food selfie.

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