Organically Correct.

How Organic Social Remains Relevant in a World of Paid Media.

Organic isn’t dead, it needs to evolve to coexist with paid social in a constantly changing landscape. Understanding how to create an emotional connection with your audience with compelling and meaningful content will allow you to compete with Facebook algorithms and ensure an effective approach to organic.

While paid social may be successful in putting your brand in front of new eyes, organic is key to garnering engagement and opening the line of communication between you and your audience. A carefully crafted cocktail of content creation, user generated content, and community management allows users to see your brand come to life in real world situations and makes your content seem relatable and less promotional.

Paid ads are more impactful when there is an organic effort complementing them. With 74% of buyers using social when making purchasing decisions, it’s crucial that you have an always-on presence in order to gain credibility in the eyes of your followers. This is your outlet to showcase creativity and communicate your brand values. Pay attention to your audience when creating content for different platforms and focus on how you can differentiate yourselves on each. Instagram is great for visually communicating your brand aesthetic, while Facebook can be used to foster relationships with those asking questions or looking for reviews.

Facebook’s original intent was to connect users with their friends, and that is what the new algorithm change aims to do. By bringing the focus back to social interaction among friends, businesses should aim to insert their brand into these conversations through tone, look, and feel in order for organic to perform. These practices are what makes a brand authentic to its followers and will allow organic to perform well with paid media.

We are constantly thinking of ways to elevate our clients’ social efforts. We believe that a deep understanding of where organic fits in a world of paid media combined with killer copy and creative set a brand up for success. Organic isn’t dead, let it grow.