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The restaurant industry changes every day. We think about it every hour.


From the onslaught of fast casual concepts to the immense data now available to parse through and glean insight from to engage guests, competition is more intense than ever. That’s why we have an entire restaurant practice devoted to the industry. 


Buffalo Wild Wings
Yard House
Olive Garden
Sonnys BBQ
Tijuana Flats
Millers Ale House
Johnny Rockets
Red Lobster
Papa Ginos
The Melting Pot
Old Chicago

For the past 15 years, we have used insights into consumer behavior to drive guests to dine out more at restaurant chains with 50-250 units. We understand the unique demands affecting these sized brands and how they can effectively use marketing, merchandising, menu design, LSM and social and digital platforms to drive comp sales, grow unique transactions and increase check averages. 

The Push Process


For a brand to be believed, it must deliver on its promise at every touchpoint. From back-of-house to front, TV commercial to tweet, loyalty program to server interaction, your brand’s ability to positively engage guests can only grow stronger when your brand alignment is implemented, reinforced and measured. 

Restaurant Strategy & Positioning

Using big data, lifestyle decisions, psychographics and more, we turn knowledge into insights to help restaurants position themselves, be efficient in their marketing spend and effective at differentiating themselves from their competitors.

Restaurant Branding & Design

From decisions regarding typography to the cut of a server’s uniform to the remodel of a complete restaurant, we take brand strategy and turn it into practical and impactful applications.

Restaurant Marketing & Promotions

For some brands, national media works. For others, only LSM can cost-effectively reach an audience. Using daily metrics, we measure, adjust and maximize media and messaging to gain the most revenue per dollar spent. 

Food Photography & Asset Creation

Critical details can make or break the way a burger, salad or steak not only looks, but also sells. We work with numerous studios around the country to bring food to life and make it craveable, whether it’s seen in a TV commercial, menu, homepage or poster.

Restaurant Merchandising & Menu Design

Working with consumer insights and using descriptive copy and compelling photography, we help brands drive incremental revenue through actionable in-store merchandising and intelligent menu engineering and design.