Can We Run and Operate Our Own Successful Restaurant? Absolutely.


After branding and marketing various restaurant chains, we felt that if we really wanted to understand how and why decisions were made at the marketing and operations level, we had to open and operate our very own concept.

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We looked at various business models and recognized a fast casual concept would get us to market fastest while still demanding that we pay attention to every detail from site selection, buildout, capex, payroll, menu development, inventory management, POS selection, online ordering, etc. Plus: marketing on a small budget.

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Brand Development

We had an idea for a Mediterranean culinary concept that became the foundation of the brand. We started with name development, choosing Hubbly Bubbly, and complemented the fun and quirky brand attitude with “Georgie,” a character based on the restaurant’s chef and chief “people person.” Colors and type were also loose, fun and expressive.

In-Store Technology

As we only had one restaurant to start with, our new “lab” allowed us to experiment with various technology platforms in both front-of-house and back. We created everything from digital menu boards using video to tablets for loyalty club sign up to partnering with both POS and online ordering partners.

Local Store Marketing

Part of local store marketing is understanding the types of nearby businesses, schools and organizations that will be most receptive to your brand and your type of food. As Mediterranean food is pretty healthy, we targeted hospitals, doctor’s offices and other health-minded groups utilizing our 4 Walls, 4 Corners, 4 Blocks, 4 Miles system.

Store Buildout

The in-store experience should always engage with guests and tell the brand story, whether they are dining in or taking out. We kept the graphics simple, the furnishings comfortable (yet affordable), the space bright (to reflect that the concept—and its food—is clean and fresh) and made sure the “line” allowed the customers to interact with the servers.

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Experiential & Guerrilla Marketing

When you have a shoestring budget, you better make it impactful. One of the fun ways we connected with customers was by distributing helium balloon door hangers in key, local markets to show how a meal at Hubbly Bubbly is the way to eat lighter. Naturally, in-store visitation lifted off.

Social Media & Content Creation

We rely on our in-house content studio, complete with still photography and video, to quickly and cost-effectively develop social media assets that we use to communicate with thousands of Hubbly Bubbly fans. From tabletop shots to in-restaurant videos, we are constantly creating ways to make the food look as delicious as it tastes.

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